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Von Antonio Cives, Managing Partner

Kalt Maschinenbau AG has a good reputation in the European cheese-making industry. An excellent basis for further international expansion with its cutting-edge technology for cheese production and milk processing. To achieve this expansion and safeguard long-term succession, the two owners decided to sell the company to CGS Management. The jointly developed Buy & Build strategy is designed to establish a global presence in the relevant growth markets and secure sustainable further development. Kalt is a leading international specialist in cheese, dairy, and process technology. Founded in 1962 and based in Lütisburg in Eastern Switzerland, the company develops and produces machines and systems for customers ranging from traditional cheese dairies to large industrial manufacturers. With its focus on technology, quality, and automation, Kalt has succeeded in recent years in making customers’ cheese production more cost-effective by improving its hygiene, productivity, and robustness.

Great potential for growth

Kalt has a strong market position in Europe, especially in the German-speaking countries. The company is known for customized solutions and technologically advanced products that allow its customers to produce top-quality cheese hygienically. Its products stand for precision, reliability, and durability. White spots remain on the map of the markets Kalt serves. One of these is the large North American market, which is showing attractive growth rates, especially in the specialty cheese sector. The Buy & Build strategy with targeted follow-up investments is to transform Kalt into a strong, internationally structured, and technologically leading industrial group and multiply its turnover.

Innovations and internationalization

Acquisitions are the priority in Kalt’s plans to gain access to new geographical regions, especially in Europe and the US, and to move closer to customers by providing direct support and expanding its service network. Kalt also aims to promote innovation and the continuous enhancement of its products and services. Digitalization and flexible, interlinked systems are to improve interfaces at the customer’s end.

Next stage of development

“Part of our responsibility towards our employees, our customers, suppliers, and business partners is to think early on about the succession of the company’s ownership. In CGS, we have found a strong and experienced investor that will empower the company to achieve independence and growth and take the next step in its development,” says Stephan Winkler, explaining the owners’ decision. The Winkler siblings would like to tackle new challenges, but are remaining on hand for the company during a transitional period, operationally and on the Board of Directors. CGS will deploy its extensive expertise in forming and expanding industrial groups to strongly support Kalt in its sustainable further development and internationalization.


Kalt Maschinenbau AG is a leading international developer and manufacturer of machines and systems for processing milk and producing top-quality cheese. For over five decades, the traditional business based in Lütisburg in Eastern Switzerland has been supplying cheese-processing technology that meets the highest standards. Cheese dairies all over the world rely on Kalt’s systems. With over 100 employees, the company generates sales of around CHF 35 million.

Top Swiss Technology
Antonio Cives
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