Building industrial leaders since 1995

We shape companies successfully because 

  • we know from our own experience how hard it is to break into a new market and 
  • we know how much blood, sweat, and tears it takes to make a business plan pan out,
  • but we also know how rewarding and gratifying it is to win over a new major customer.

Our entrepreneurial experience is what makes us unique. It helps form the heart of who we are.


Industrial Buy & Build is part of our DNA
CGS invests in highly promising small to medium-sized companies operating in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in selected core areas in which CGS partners have management experience.

A clear and jointly developed Buy & Build strategy for the given company is always the foundation of this work.

We steer companies to the top
We turn companies with potential into internationally leading groups in their areas, focusing especially on cross-company integration and process optimization.

We use our expertise as an investment compass 
We only invest in industries in which we have management experience. This reduces investment risks and boosts success rates.

We base our work on common values
The entire team aligns its work to the values of responsible company management, entrepreneurship, partnership, and reliability.