CGS partnership III (in investment phase)

In March 2012, CGS invested in Rauscher & Stoecklin, a long-established Swiss company producing electrical infrastructure components such as oil-cooled transformers and electrical engineering equipment. The group was strengthened by the subsequent additions of SERW, which manufactures disconnectors and circuit breakers, in late 2014, and ZREW Transformatory, which produces power transformers, in late 2015. The group’s most recent additions were Tesar, a leading Italian manufacturer of cast resin transformers, and the Polish company Elettrostandard Polska in July 2016.

Sector: electric power distribution
Products: electrical infrastructure components
Head office: Sissach (Switzerland)
Subsidiaries: SERW (Czech Republic), ZREW Transformatory (Poland), Tesar (Italy) and Elettrostandard Polska (Poland)
Total workforce: 660
Website: www.the-rsgroup.com

In February 2013, CGS invested in SR-Schindler Maschinen-Anlagentechnik and Prinzing, two German firms specializing in the manufacture of high-end equipment for the precast concrete and cast stone industry. In late 2013, these companies were merged with Hess Group to create the new Top-Werk Group, a global sector leader. The subsequent investment in Masa, in summer 2014, further bolstered this industrial cluster.

Sector: mechanical and plant engineering
Products: machinery and plant for concrete processing
Head offices: Burbach-Wahlbach (Germany) and Andernach (Germany)
Subsidiaries: Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and United States
Total workforce: 1,050
Websites: www.topwerk.com, www.masa-group.com

In July 2014, CGS invested in Schaufler Tooling, a long-standing German company that manufactures light metal high-pressure die casting tools and dies for the automotive industry. In May 2016, the group was extended through the investment in Fischer Tool & Die, the market and technology leader for high-pressure die casting tools in the United States.

Sector: tool manufacturing
Products: high-pressure die casting tools and dies
Head office: Laichingen (Germany)
Subsidiary: Fischer Tool & Die (United States)
Total workforce: 270
Websites: www.schaufler.de, www.fischertool.com




CGS partnership II (fully divested)

After investing in Automatik Plastics Machinery, Germany’s leading manufacturer of pelletizers in 2008, CGS significantly expanded the international scope of the company’s operations by merging it with Switzerland’s Maag Pump Systems in May 2010. In March 2012, with operations in Germany and Switzerland successfully integrated, the Maag Group became a part of Pump Solutions Group (a unit of US-based Dover).

Sector: plastics processing
Products: pelletizers and pump systems
Head offices: Oberglatt (Switzerland) and Grossostheim (Germany)
Subsidiaries: various sales and services organizations around the world
Total workforce: 500
Website: www.maag.com

The Switzerland-based Schöttli Group is a leading manufacturer of precision, high-performance molds for medical components as well as food and beverage closures. CGS invested in the company in March 2008 and subsequently expanded the group successfully to Asia and the United States before integrating it into Husky Injection Molding Systems at the end of 2013.

Sector: mold manufacturing
Products: high-performance molds
Head office: Diessenhofen (Switzerland)
Subsidiaries: Suzhou Mould Technology (China) and Magor Mold (United States)
Total workforce: 300
Website: www.schoettli.com

In January 2009, CGS acquired mdexx, a German firm that manufactures winding material and industrial fans. CGS then rationalized and expanded the group by relocating its winding material production to the Czech Republic and establishing operations in China. In January 2016, the group was sold to Quantum Capital Partners.

Sector: electronics and electrical engineering
Products: winding material and industrial fans
Head office: Weyhe (Germany)
Subsidiaries: mdexx Magnetronic Devices (Czech Republic) and mdexx Magnetronics Tianjin (China)
Total workforce: 500
Website: www.mdexx.de




CGS partnership I (fully divested)

Between 1999 and 2003, CGS successfully invested in a number of electronic manufacturing service companies, which it integrated to form the Electronicparc Group, now a leading manufacturer in its industry. The group later went public through a reverse merger with Cicorel (Cicor Technologies) in 2005. CGS sold the residual stake in December 2006.

Having invested in the two established process measurement technology firms Haenni and Bourdon-Sedeme in 1999 and 2000, CGS merged the two companies in 2001 to create the Bourdon-Haenni Group. CGS strengthened the cluster with further acquisitions in Denmark and Germany, before coding it to the Swiss Baumer Group, which integrated its operations as a new process measurement technology division.